Welcome To TTR400 Restorations Restorations 2 CB400F Replacemant parts in stainless steel CB400F Custom machined parts

Past/Present Restoration and custom/project builds

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Before, 1934 Norton International 30M Racer

BMW R60-2 completed

TTR400 Racer

TTR400 Custom build

CB550 Custom build, many one off parts

Dick Man replica CR750

Restored CR750 31mm Carbs

CR750 Exhaust shot

TTR400 Special

Ducati 748 SPS after semi restoration

TTR 466 Racer at the track

TTR 466 Racer at the track. still going strong after 2 seasons

Just a few engines completed.

CB1100RB 1981 just the seat to fit

TTR400 350/400 race engine

CB350 Four completed

TTR400 CB350 Four racer

CB350 Four racer at the track

CB400F Restored 76/77 model

CB400F Varnish Blue 1975 Full restoration

CB400F, Custom 466 flat tracker style build

CB400F 466 Custom engine

TTR400, CB400F touring. USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland and more...

CB550 605cc engine

CB550 Engines 605cc

CB550/605 TTR Equipped racer

CB550K 1976 semi restoration.

CB750 F2 Custom 836 engine


CG125K 1978 After a full restoration

RC30 1988 After Restoration

CB400F 466 Custom race engine

S110 Benly after restoration

RC30 1988 After Restoration

ST70K0 Candy Gold completed restoration

ST70K0 Candy Blue before restoration

TTR400 Yoshimura 492cc racer

ST70K0 Candy Red full restoration

4 ls brake fitted to a CB350F racer

Candy blue and candy red Z50A export models fully restored